First aid for phone repair cases

JUSTTECH specializes in repairing smartphones and tablets. They not only do it well, but also quickly. If they can’t solve the problem right away, they offer you a replacement device so you can continue working without interruptions. They always think in terms of solutions so that you are always reachable online, anytime and anywhere. To prevent problems in the future, they also offer preventive measures and protection. At JUSTTECH, you can always get a free checkup to ensure that your device is in optimal condition. Sounds like an ideal partner for our team, so let’s get started with the collaboration.

Repair appointments

Webynite is proud to show the launch of JustTech’s new website, complete with a cutting-edge repair appointment tool. This tool has been specifically designed to make the appointment booking process simple and hassle-free for customers. With Webynite’s innovative technology, customers can now easily schedule their repair appointments and have their devices fixed quickly and efficiently.

The repair appointment tool on the JustTech website is user-friendly and intuitive, allowing customers to view available times and dates and select an appointment that best suits their schedule. This not only saves time and effort for customers, but it also streamlines the appointment booking process for JustTech.

By incorporating this new feature on their website, JustTech has demonstrated a commitment to providing exceptional customer service and a seamless experience for their clients. With the help of Webynite’s technology, JustTech is well-positioned to lead the industry and set new standards for customer convenience and satisfaction.

Strong brand identity and reputation

We understand the importance of effective marketing in building a successful business. That’s why we made it our priority to take over JustTech’s marketing efforts, which they previously had little time for. Our team has since developed successful campaigns in their regions, promoting JustTech as the go-to destination for phone repairs.

JustTech’s reputation as a top-notch phone repair service was further solidified with the opening of their new store, which quickly became a hit in the first few days. Our marketing efforts have played a significant role in driving traffic to the new store and spreading the word about JustTech’s exceptional service.

With our comprehensive marketing strategies, JustTech is well-positioned to continue its growth and success in the industry. At Webynite, we are dedicated to supporting our clients in every aspect of their business and helping them achieve their goals.

‘The expertise of Webynite and their flexible cooperation took our website for JustTech to a higher level. Thanks to their support, we were able to successfully grow our stores and our renewed website now aligns with our ambitions for the future. We are grateful for Webynite’s partnership and look forward to continued success together.‘

– Michael- JUSTTECH

The final sum

We are dedicated to supporting our clients in every aspect of their business, from web development to marketing strategies. We are proud to have collaborated with JustTech to deliver innovative solutions that help drive their business growth and success. Our team worked closely with JustTech to design and develop a new website that includes a repair appointment tool, providing customers with an easy and convenient way to schedule appointments.

In addition to website development, we also took over JustTech’s marketing efforts, developing successful campaigns in their regions to promote their phone repair services. Our marketing strategies played a significant role in the success of JustTech’s new store, which quickly became a hit in the first few days.

Our comprehensive approach to web development and marketing has helped establish JustTech as a top phone repair service and has contributed to their continued growth and success. At Webynite, we are committed to empowering our clients with the tools and resources they need to succeed in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


January 2023

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