Discover expert health tips, reliable medical information, and the latest research in health.

Illbeing.com is a trusted health and wellness website that provides high-quality health information, expert tips, and the latest research on a wide range of health topics. There main aim is to help people make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing by providing them with the necessary knowledge and tools to achieve their health goals.

Balancing user experience and revenue generation

When we began working on illbeing.com, we knew that our primary goal was to inform visitors about the latest developments in mental health and wellbeing. To achieve this, we started by creating a clean and simple design that was easy to navigate and read. We focused on choosing colors and fonts that were easy on the eyes, and made sure that the site was optimized for all devices, including mobile phones.

However, we also knew that generating revenue was an important consideration for the site. That’s why we worked closely with the client to ensure that the site was set up for effective Google Ad placements. This involved careful consideration of the site’s layout and design, as well as implementing the necessary code to ensure that ads were displayed correctly.

In addition to these technical considerations, we also worked closely with the client to ensure that the site’s content was optimized for both search engines and users. This involved conducting thorough keyword research, and ensuring that the site’s pages were properly optimized for these keywords. We also worked to ensure that the site’s content was engaging and informative, providing visitors with valuable information on mental health and wellbeing.

Overall, our approach to building illbeing.com focused on creating a user-friendly experience that was optimized for both information and revenue generation. By working closely with the client and taking a comprehensive approach to site design and optimization, we were able to deliver a successful website that met all of the client’s goals and exceeded their expectations.

The power of automation

One of the biggest challenges we faced during this project was the link scheme. We knew that link building was crucial for driving traffic to the site, but we also recognized that it could be a time-consuming and tedious task for the client. That’s why we developed a fully automatic link building system that eliminates the need for manual link building. This ensures that the site continues to receive traffic even as new content is added over time.

‘In 2023, we partnered with Webynite to launch a cutting-edge medical information platform featuring the latest research in health. Our mission at ILLBEING is to enhance people’s knowledge in the field of health, and this platform is a crucial step towards achieving our goal of strengthening our international position. We are thrilled with the outcome of our collaboration with Webynite and look forward to continuing our partnership as we further develop the platform. Together, we believe we can make a significant impact on global health and well-being.‘


The final sum

At Webynite, we’re committed to helping illbeing.com continue to grow and succeed. In addition to building a comprehensive website that provides valuable information on mental health and wellbeing, we’re also focused on developing new tools and resources that will further enhance the site’s value and reach.

Our team is currently working on new features and functionalities that will make it even easier for visitors to find the information they need and connect with resources and support. We’re also exploring ways to leverage the latest technologies and trends in web design and development to ensure that illbeing.com remains at the forefront of the industry.

Our commitment to illbeing.com goes beyond just building a successful website – we’re dedicated to providing ongoing support and guidance to ensure that the site continues to meet the needs of its users and clients. With our data-driven approach and focus on user experience, we’re confident that we can help illbeing.com grow and thrive in the years to come.


May 2023

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